The Westside Reservoir Park at Bellwood Quarry will create a prime area for real estate in the surrounding neighborhoods and historic districts of Atlanta. A slew of new construction has already begun to reshape the Westside beltline with homes, townhomes, and condos popping up throughout. Northpoint Mortgage, with our new office opening soon in Inman Park, will be your Westside Atlanta resource to provide essential mortgage information on properties in the area. With many properties on the Westside located in no-income-limit zones, special financing programs are available that allow for 3% and 5% down payment so purchasing that dream home downtown is within reach! As the park develops and the business in proximity to it grows, citizens of Atlanta will have another reason to call it the greatest place to be in the South!

Location Details:

• 1 mile west of Midtown
• 5 mile tunnel to the Chattahoochee River from the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant to fill up the quarry as a water reservoir (2 billion gallons) by mid to late 2018
• Debuts in 2019


• Aug 7 ‘17: Pre-proposal conference at Atlanta City hall
• Sept 7 ’17: Bids due for development plans by engineers and developers
• Approximately 300 acres (30% bigger than Piedmont Park!!!)
• Rejuvenated Proctor Creek Greenway runs right through the park<
• Initiatives to clean up the creek and its embankments were started in early 2018 to lay the groundwork for the park project
• Park will be developed in three phases
• Views of the Downtown Atlanta skyline from upper and lower meadow areas of the park
• View of the water reservoir
• Plans for the construction of a 4,000 sq.ft. grand overlook building
• A multitude of plans and developments in proximity to the park
• Hotel
• Commercial spaces for businesses and boutiques
• The park and its surrounding area on the Westside will be a treasure and cornerstone of this great city for decades to come!
• Minutes from the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium – (Home of the Atlanta Falcons pro football team and Atlanta United pro soccer team)
• Host to:
* 2018 MLS All Star Game
* 2019 Super Bowl
* 2019 SEC Championship Game
* 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four