5 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Professional

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Professional: A person engaged or qualified in a profession.   A mortgage professional is someone who has the experience and local community contact that is necessary to help guide you through one of the biggest financial purchases and decisions of your entire life! The big question here is what can a mortgage professional do for me [...]

Exciting 300-acre Park Project Coming to Downtown Atlanta!

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The Westside Reservoir Park at Bellwood Quarry will create a prime area for real estate in the surrounding neighborhoods and historic districts of Atlanta. A slew of new construction has already begun to reshape the Westside beltline with homes, townhomes, and condos popping up throughout. Northpoint Mortgage, with our new office opening soon in Inman [...]

What Does a Bump in Rates Mean?

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What does a bump in rates mean for my mortgage? Look no further. The answers are here!!! In today's rising rate environment, there is no better time than now to truly understand how changes in rates can affect your home-buying decision. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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